Next Meeting - Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 - 6:30 pm - Lime Room




 Come learn how to take control of your computer. We often feel alone when we use our computers. We think our frustrations, our questions, and our needs are unique. Sometimes we think that we have dumb questions, or we don't want to show our lack of knowledge or experience and yet, that's what we have to do to learn more.

Our computer club is full of people who want to share what they know. Sometimes that means we teach others how to use MS Office. Other times it means teaching how to use the internet more effectively, how to use a photo editing program, how to take digital pictures, how to set up a home network, how to research your family tree, or how to use your computer to help in scrapbooking to mention just a few. The Hawthorne Computer Club can be as dynamic as its members want to be. The key to a successful computer club is to have active members - members who are willing to volunteer to help each other. Hope to see you at the next meeting which will be the first Wednesday in October.