Save An Old Computer

How to Save An Old Computer

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a laptop computer with the vista, it is 7 yrs. old. Is there anything I can do to try to keep using it without spending a lot of money to keep it going since there won't be any updates going. I would like to put a different windows in it, but with the age I really don't want to spend a lot of money not knowing how much longer
it will last. Do you have any suggestions to help? I would appreciate what ever help you can give.

I really enjoy your help and advice you give thru your emails. Thank you very much for all your help with the many computer questions so many of us have. 



Dear Shirley,

If you are using this computer to go online, I would suggest that you get a Linux CD and use that as your operating system. If you are using the computer for programs that don't need online access, just don't connect to the internet and you should be fine. Here are the steps that I set up for my customers who want to continue using their older computer.

  1. Download Puppy Linux at: There are directions on the website for how to download.
  2. You will download an iso file. Use your CD burning program to create a Puppy Linux disk.
  3. With the disk in your CD drive, shut down the computer, then start it up and press the key your computer uses to display a boot menu. (You might have to look this up on your laptop manufacturers website.) You can try either F12 or the Esc key as those are the most common.
  4. Once in the boot menu, choose to boot to the CD and you will find yourself looking at the puppy Linux desktop instead of the Windows desktop. I usually download and create a disk for my customers, give them a short lesson on booting to the disk and they happily use Linux as their online operating system.

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